Published originally in 2010 by Ape Entertainment, the creator owned series was the first published work by writer and creator, Raphael Moran.   The series featured artwork by the amazing talents of Marc Borstel, Atul Bakshi, Dave Hedmark and many others.   The book was re-released  on Super Ego Press and will see a sequel series, “ DREAM REAVERS- The Endless Slumber” as well as the spin-off, “DREAM REAVERS- 7 Sins Anthology.”  




 On their 16th birthday, four teens from various parts of the world fell into a strange and sudden coma at the exact same moment. One by one they broke free from their prison of dreams only to be caught in a war on a mysterious new world -Astral. Ruthless creatures called Spooks have infected every crevice of this land and will soon creep their influence into our world unless our heroes can stop them! They will have to journey the harsh lands of Astral and battle an army of monsters in order to make it toward a giant spire of light that holds the answers to saving both worlds.


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